Board Members

Steering the Course of B2B Marketing

Our Board Members are the most active participants in BMA-NJ – and some of the most influential and knowledgeable people in B2B marketing.

BMA-NJ Board Members serve the needs of the New Jersey B2B marketing communications community in a myriad ways, overseeing activities and programs such as CareerLink and the Impact Awards, planning and organizing marketing seminars, and of course, upholding the highest professional standards in B2B marketing. They hail from a variety of organizations and specialties, and their experience, expertise and commitment bring exceptional value to our organization.

2013-2014 Board of Directors

Lorraine Cregar
Mondelez Intl

Lorraine Cregar is a change management and communication professional experienced with delivering organizational transformation initiatives that help clients realize their change vision and goals. A PMI-certified PMP, Lorraine has implemented change management strategies to gain awareness, understanding, engagement and participation in organizational transformation projects. Lorraine has been a BMA-NJ since 2000 and has been a BMA-NJ board member for the past five years. Prior to becoming president, Lorraine acted as the chapter’s managing director, handling day-to-day operations.

Steve Cummins
Vice President & Education
Dittman Incentive Marketing

Steve Cummins is director of digital marketing at Dittman Incentive Marketing. He’s an enthusiastic adopter of digital marketing techniques and closely follows social media trends, applying these skills in a number of organizations including Panasonic and several non-profits. In 2012, his team at Panasonic won ECIA Marketing Excellence awards in Social Media Outreach and Brand/Image Advertising. Steve is a board member of the Literacy Volunteers of Somerset County, and a member of the Marketing Executives Networking Group (MENG).

Nancy Rago
Brigham & Rago

Nancy Rago is vice president of design and production at Brigham & Rago. She has experience in nearly every form of promotional communications, from traditional print advertising, direct mail, and literature production to new web-based communications. Before co-founding Brigham & Rago, Nancy honed her design and production skills in both agency and client-side positions. Nancy is a graduate of Kean University and holds a B.A. in Visual Communications with a specialization in Graphic Design. Nancy holds the prestigious BMA CBC credential. Nancy’s work ethic usually makes her the first to arrive and the last to leave. She has a passion for detail and investigation. Not surprisingly, one of her hobbies is tracing her family genealogy.

Mike Walker

Mike Walker, an award-winning 15-year Web marketing veteran, is CEO of the Fairfield, N.J.-based WalkerTek. He brings experience in all phases of Web marketing, offers turnkey or individual services for interactive marketing, Web design, or search and social marketing. WalkerTek is committed to uncovering their clients’ needs, discovering unique strengths and interpreting them into powerful interactive marketing experiences. Recently, Mike led BMA-NJ’s first-ever social media breakfast workshop. Mike is also a partner and investor in GlobalFolders.com, a business to business file sharing software-as-a-service application.