The B2B Marketing Insider’s Advantage

The advantages of networking in business cannot be overestimated; nor can the power of information. This is true in any industry. But in marketing communications, an industry fueled by creativity and innovation, an ongoing pursuit of new connections and knowledge is crucial. For B2B marketing professionals in New Jersey, BMA-NJ serves as an invaluable forum for professional networking, and a rich repository of B2B marketing information.

Timely, focused marketing seminars on a range of topics such as integrated marketing communications, Internet marketing, B2B marketing plans and much more keep BMA-NJ members on the industry’s forefront. You’ll return from every BMA-NJ event empowered with ideas that you can put to work immediately – the latest findings in B2B marketing research, creative trends, new business strategies…the list goes on. Members also have exclusive access to free online resources including in-depth articles, B2B marketing white papers and industry studies.

As a marketing association focused on relationships, BMA-NJ is a standout among business networking groups. Our marketing events offer unprecedented opportunities to make contacts, build relationships, and widen your net among top-notch marketing communications professionals from the corporate, agency and support sides of B2B marketing.

Our members rely on us for resources and opportunities that help them enhance their effectiveness in B2B marketing communications. We’re constantly researching marketing communications articles, developing B2B trends, market research findings, and more that will benefit our members.

BMA-NJ members also enjoy a variety of perks through BMA National, including:

  • Access and discounts to sales and marketing seminars, the BMA annual conference, and graduate-level workshops sponsored or endorsed by BMA
  • Free, members-only online access to B2B marketing white papers and case studies, as well as research findings on topics such as B2B advertising practices and salary surveys
  • Subscription to B-to-B Magazine
  • Directories of BMA members – influential marketing communications professionals with specialized expertise and willingness to share their knowledge and resources
  • Local and international awards programs, such as the prestigious B2 Awards
  • Discounts/members-only pricing on entry fees to national awards programs
  • Discounts on business supplies and services such as insurance, delivery service, telecommunications, office supplies, software and publications
  • Access to the national CareerLink network for job assistance and career opportunities in marketing communications throughout the U.S. and Canada

While the impact that BMA-NJ membership will have on your professional life is profound, joining couldn’t be simpler. How to Join BMA-NJ >>