Member Testimonials

We have asked BMA-NJ members, existing and new, why they joined, and continue to renew their membership. Below are testimonials we have gathered to share with you.

Gene Bozzo, CBC, B2B Promotions
“I have been a member of the Business marketing Association for nearly 20 years having served on the Executive Board for nearly the entire time. I have served as a Committee Chair for Programs, Impact, and Hospitality. I also held office as Northeast Region Representative, BMA-NJ President, Vice President, and Treasurer. BMA in turn has rewarded me and opportunity for continuing education, certification and expertise in business communications, key business contacts, long term clients and business partnerships, and oh yes lifetime friendships.”

Lorraine Cregar
“Being a member of BMA-NJ is like being the member of a very supportive family. Each time I reach out to a fellow member or attend an event, it’s like a family homecoming, no matter how long it’s been since the last time. That warmth and support has been invaluable as I’ve grown my career, seen my career take interesting turns, and needed insight and guidance to navigate both my career and life. It’s given me a safe place to share information, get advice and build my network of b2b peers.”

Rich Jack, Knepper Press
“Being a member of BMA-NJ has allowed me to remain informed and current in the marketing world. It has also allowed me to network with the types of marketing professionals that I am constantly looking to meet up with and potentially do business with. The B to B focus within BMA provides a forum for me to stay in touch with the ideas and individuals critical to my professional success.”

Wes Winkler, JMR Graphics
“I became involved in the BMA-NJ because I found the programs interesting. I have stayed because of the business contacts that I have made. BMA gives a Marketing Professional the opportunity to network and share ideas with other marketing professionals who focus on marketing in the Business to Business marketplace.”

Kendra Von Achen, DB Pros
“I joined BMA-NJ when I was working for a company as a Marketing Coordinator. At the time, it was a great opportunity to meet peers in the marketing arena and learn about the different topics the organization had to offer. Now that I own my own business, not only is the networking an invaluable part of my membership benefits, but it also keeps my marketing skills sharpened while I venture out in the world that does not directly relate to marketing anymore. It also provides me the opportunity to meet new people, bounce ideas off of my peers, and make friends.”

Terry Pranses, Pranses Research
“The Business Marketing Association of New Jersey has been a crucial part of my professional activities since the start of my business. I find the level of connection higher in this group. I’m often referring colleagues to my BMA contacts to help them with their critical business-to-business marketing needs. And it’s been a key contributor to our success. Each year, over 25% of our business originates with a fellow BMA member, or comes from a referral made by a BMA member. BMA delivers — intellectually and financially!”

Fern Dickey, Backburner Projects
“I’ve met wonderful people through the BMA; many have come to be friends, business partners, advisors. Being a part of this association has also been a great learning experience – from local events, to talking to peers, to attending the BMA’s annual national conference.”

Bill Miller, Creative Solutions
“In a few short months being a member I have met many professionals, attended exciting and informative events. My membership in BMA-NJ is worth more than my annual dues!”

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