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What are the best ways to integrate the B2B marketing media mix? How important is brand compliance in B2B? Are there hidden opportunities in search engine advertising and web analytics data? Whether you’re conducting research for a major multimedia campaign, pulling together support for a new marketing communications tactic you want to pitch, or just looking for an answer to a specific question, BMA-NJ has the timely, in-depth information you need in our collection of marketing white papers.

We update our database of white papers regularly, culling the most valuable and relevant writings on B2B marketing communications topics throughout the year.  Do you have a great marketing article/white paper to share?  Submit your white paper to us.

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A Direct Marketer’s Secret Weapon for Buidling a Large and Profitable Opt-in List: The “Internet Loss Leader” Strategy

A white paper on how to build your opt-in list and still be profitable. Written by Bob Bly. Read more.